Note: The following is our roadmap. If you have been given access to this we're trusting you with this information and hope you find it useful. This is a living document that will be updated over time. You may also lose access to this document at any time. This is for partners, team members, and long-term contractors joining us on this adventure.


Hi there. Since 2020 we have been focused on build up towards becoming a sustainable tripe-I studio, remaining small and nimble, financially sustainable from day one. We are continuing on our slow ramp up to releasing our first game, with the aim to release a game of increasing scope and budget every two years after that.

We can't predict the future, especially in the times but we believe we're setup to weather changes and succeed over time. Our focus is on making smaller games with higher production values, adapting to new technologies and processes to be more ambitious with less resources.

Here's why we feel good about the future:

A Stable Runway: We've been profitable since day one with our consulting business supporting AAA studios working on games like Modern Warfare 2 as well as providing services to small and large technology businesses. This give us near infinite runway without distracting the core game teams.

Efficient & Nimble: our team is entirely remote, multi-talented, and with tons of experience in game development, technology, and art. The studio is run by a seasoned technology executive who previously led a 650-person team across 30 countries. We're committed to remaining a small, highly effective team.

Great Momentum: we are already in production for our first game (Project One, see below) and in pre-production for our second game (Project FA86). Both games have very distinctive art, stories, and validated gameplay loops. We've taken our time to get here and feel great about the current team size and velocity.

Hotel Bagatelle (2024)

Pitch: Pachinko, Golf, Gambling, and Pinball collide in a casual roguelike where you play as Dolf a ball intent on making a name for itself. Explore the Golf Dungeons during the day to collect ore to play high-stakes deck-building pachinko at night.

A highly engaging game loop that sees you deal with deep systems stacked on top of a highly casual second-to-second shooting dynamic. Built from the ground up the work as well on vertical phones and 16:9 TVs the game works everywhere and is aimed to appeal to a broad audience.

Release Plan: iOS in Q4 with 6 months of updates. Nintendo Switch and Steam (Deck, PC, macOS) in Q1 2025.

Project FA86 (2026)

Pitch: Set in a giant fully-automated cruise ship lost at sea, this game sees you take on the role of Travis, a master thief with a mission to retrieve priceless artifacts while discovering what happened and why.

The game looks like nothing else with a cinematic pixel art style that moves at the speed of Sonic the Hedgehog with the tight platforming of games like Celeste and Super Meatboy. A story told in gameplay and through gorgeous vignettes. Fully voiced with music by mysterious Starcadian and other artists.

Release Plan: PlayStation, PC and Xbox systems in H1 2026 with potential for Nintendo Switch 2.

Project Highway (2028)

Pitch: Still in early stages of development this is a game about building and supporting a convoy traveling through an ever evolving and unpredictable landscape. Manage resources, dangers, and personalities while discovering an America changed by cosmic events.

Release Plan: TBD 2028

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